About Me

I’m Carlie, a country housewife living in Oxfordshire with my husband and two teenage daughters. We have dogs and chickens and a darling pony, called Solo.

Whilst I aspire to complete and fabulous country-housewifery, real life gets in the way.

I work as a Girl Friday for lots of lovely people (cooking, cleaning and dog-walking) and also with my husband, in our family building business (SJL Services).

I love to write. I have written for various magazines and websites, specialising in nature and travel writing with the odd bit on animal and child-wrangling thrown in.

I’m currently looking for representation for my novels, of which there are now many.

I’m a @CBCreative Alumni (Christopher Wakling, 2017).

You can find me on Twitter, @MrsCarlieLee

Or on FB – www.facebook.com/carlieleewriter

The daughters and me.
The daughters and me, in some field, someplace, as usual!


11 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Just wanted to say hello really! What a perfectly idyllic English mood your blog has, Carlie, so unique, like a modern day Edith Holden! (I hope you like EH) I want to wish you the world of luck with it, and with your writing endeavours 🙂


    1. Hello Jill,
      Thank you, that’s so kind of you! And I’m an ignorant sod, so I shall find a copy of Edith Holden and read it, and then hold an intelligent conversation with you. Thank you for reading – hope I don’t bore you to death!


      1. Yes, do check it out 🙂 Her most famous work is The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady – almost exactly like your blog’s title! And she wrote about wildlife and country walks. Really you have such a unique angle to your blog here, I know I’d play it up if it were mine 😉 Best wishes anyway Carlie x


  2. I have a question………..feel free to ignore it as it’s a bit nosey but, where did you go between november 2011 and April 2013……… what guarantee do we have that you will not suddenly disappear for months, possible years and then suddenly reappear? Was Doctor Who involved?


    1. Hello Terry,
      Oh, laughing. I ran away with the fairies, (Come away O Human Housewife/ To the waters and wild…). Luckily, my handsome Stevie rescued me, and now I can just write all day. So promise to keep chattering!


  3. Hello, thanks for commenting on my blog via Siobhan’s blog 🙂
    Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds are lovely, so quintessentially English. We know it well, as we lived there for several years, which is why I set Chapters of Life there. We now live in Devon, which is also beautiful.


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